Astrid Fox

About Astrid: Astrid Fox — aka Heal Me In The Kitchen — is a true “renaissance” woman. She is a mother of two, owner of a clothing boutique in downtown Vancouver, an artist, blogger, holistic health advocate and a passionate adventurer. Astrid describes herself as a “cheerleader” to all in her life, for she is a self-improvement enthusiast!

Where do her passions lie? Astrid lives her life with a “go-getter” mentality. She justifies by saying, ​​I want to do all the things.” Her passion lies in empowering others to discover their unique ways while exploring and adapting in the area of wellness. Astrid is always on the journey towards learning how she can best help and guide different types of people to their own prosperity.

What does she enjoy writing about?
Astrid enjoys sharing lifestyle tips and tricks based on her own acquired expertise. Some examples include: yoga, essential oils, fasting, fermenting, sprouting, urban homesteading, cooking, etc. She is enthusiastic about helping others with the knowledge she has gained through her own wellness journey.

Why did she get involved with Peopletail?
Astrid loves the vibe that Peopletail has set and enjoys taking part in their success and growth. For her, product reviewing is fun! Astrid joined Peopletail because she enjoys receiving products, making videos, engaging with a like-minded community and finding support.

How important is honesty and authenticity for her in product reviewing?Astrid classifies herself as an optimist, who is always looking for the good. She appreciates how Peopletail stands for honesty and integrity. She shares, “I always feel that I have the freedom to share my thoughts with Peopletail.” Although she is not someone to harp on the negatives, she finds constructive criticism very important.

What kind of reviews does she prefer to do?
Astrid is consistently adding new social media and video editing skills to her creative arsenal. She believes that videos and social media platforms are great interactive tools. On Peopletail, Astrid’s versatility is seen through her video editing, but also through her pictures and detailed writeups. On social media, Astrid has been testing out IG Live, creating a highlight section for Instagram stories, interacting with an online community and tagging companies on her reviews. She is available on Instagram through the handles: @healmeinthekitchen @globalatomicdesigns @astridfox_art. Her more in-depth reviews can be found on Peopletail.

What are some brands Astrid enjoys?
Greeniche, Nova Sea Atlantic, Coffee Booster, Women Sense, Maple bee nectar, Sweet Monk, Canprev, Metagenics, Renew Life, Thorne and Naturopathic labs.