Belinda Lai

About Belinda: ​Belinda is a working mom, always exploring new ways to improve the health and well-being of her home. She enjoys connecting with people — especially mothers — and building relationships in the natural health community!

Where do her passions lie?Belinda has a love for genuine storytelling. Based on her own personal experiences and acquired knowledge in the wellness world, Belinda finds joy in educating others. She is driven to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, while guiding others on their own wellness journeys

What does she enjoy writing about/reading about? (product wise)
Coming from a family history of sensitive skin, Belinda is always learning about new skincare products that could benefit her whole family. Belinda is interested in learning about high-quality skincare products that are quick and easy!

How did she get involved with product reviewing?
Belinda got involved with product reviewing when she began searching for natural skincare products to alleviate her daughters eczema. Since then, Belinda has shared her knowledge to help others, especially those on their journey to find and use the best clean skincare.

How important is authenticity and honesty in her product reviews?
Honesty for Belinda is everything. For her, it is important to let others know the balance of the pros and cons — and if one side outweighs the other!

What kind of medium does she prefer to use for her reviews?
Belinda prefers taking isolated photos of each product, coupled with a detailed review. Apart from her Peopletail profile, Belinda is active on Instagram with the handle: @mamakiang.

Which brands has Belinda enjoyed working with/would want to work with in the future?
Belinda has worked with Shoosha Organic, and a few smaller local shops — This Kid Clothing, Sloane and Blake. In the future, she would love to work with other family friendly brands and skincare brands!