Jennifer Morse

About Jennifer: ​Jennifer is a fitness enthusiast with a strong devotion to promoting a holistic, healthy lifestyle. She is a professional dancer; zumba, yoga and fitness instructor, and a coordinator at her local gym! Jennifer is an energetic encourager with a heart to motivate others to live their best life!

Where do her passions lie?
Jennifer’s passion lies in bringing joy to people through movement. With a rich background in fitness instructing, Jennifer loves motivating people to push through their comfort zones, both physically and mentally. Through teaching, Jennifer finds fulfillment in watching her student’s growth and success.

What does she enjoy writing about/reading about? (product wise)
Jennifer enjoys learning more about any food items, protein products or supplements that hit the health market. She especially loves discovering locally manufactured products and companies that are environmentally conscious.

How did she get involved with product reviewing?
Through Instagram, Jennifer came across Peopletail and product reviewing. Peopletail shares Jennifer’s vision in promoting local, natural products. She enjoys expressing her thoughts on an additional platform, while being surrounded by a like-minded community!

How important is authenticity and honesty in her product reviews?
For Jennifer, honesty is a staple in all of her product reviews. She has no apprehension in expressing criticism, but also strives to find the good in every product.

What kind of medium does she prefer to use for her reviews?
Jennifer has a love for writing! She prefers writing detailed reviews, filled with elements of both research and opinion. She couples her reviews with photos of each product. Apart from Peopletail, Jennifer is active on Instagram at the handle:

Which brands has Jennifer enjoyed working with/would want to work with in the future?
Jennifer has enjoyed working with Garden of Life, Dermaniche, Prairie Naturals, Genuine Health, Ecoideas, and Love Good Fats! In the future, she would love to work with fitness brands, including Reebok, Lebert, Merrithew, Knix and Lole.