Judith Duguid

About Judith

Judith Duguid is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) who advocates for holistic and intentional living. She is also a Registered Social Worker (MSW). She believes these fields of practice work together to provide a solid road map to living our best lives. She is a lifelong learner, an avid globe trotter and adventure seeker. She frequently pays it forward through sport event volunteering and community crisis interventions

Where do Judith’s passions lie?
Judith is passionate about encouraging others to improve and enhance their physical and mental wellness. She believes that we need to nourish our bodies and nurture our souls in order to live fully, inside-out. It brings her great joy when people are able to make positive gains in these areas and begin to experience their own health transformation. 

What products does Judith enjoy reviewing?
Judith’s favourite products to review are ones that most mirror nature – clean, natural and promote genuine well-being, particularly ones that offer nutritional value and/or contribute to self-care.

Why did Judith get involved with product reviewing and Peopletail?

For Judith, it is important to be a trustworthy ally for those seeking to live their best life. Peopletail provides a platform to be an authentic voice where she can help consumers understand products and enable them to make good choices for themselves. She also enjoys networking with like-minded contributors; she considers it a true honour to be a community member.

How important is honesty and authenticity in branding and product reviews?In Judith’s own life, honesty, authenticity and integrity are core values. Branding and reviews are no less subject to these standards. She applauds the freedom to offer unbiased insights that reflect her actual user experience. 

What type of reviews does Judith prefer?
Judith enjoys carefully written reviews that offer the reader time to consider the information, as well as can be updated at a later time to adjust for any new insights and/or product updates. She is also expanding into video reviews as they offer a more visual, personal and relatable connection. Many of Judith’s reviews are available on both Instagram and Twitter at the handle: @HolisticJudith. And, of course, all of her in-depth reviews can be found on Peopletail.

Which brands has Judith enjoyed working with/would want to work with in the future?
Judith has had the privilege of working with many stellar companies. A few favourites include: Ecoideas, Organic Traditions, Healthology, Flora, Pure-lē Natural. In the future, she would enjoy collaborating with Bob’s Red Mill, Weleda, GNA Naturals, Healthy Crunch. She would also welcome the opportunity to contribute educational content for wellness-related companies.