Julia-Anna Berechet

About Julia-Anna: ​Julia-Anna is a stay-at-home mom with a free-spirted, hippy-like personality. She enjoys her freedom in being self-sustainable. Her hobbies lie in exploring the natural fields of gardening, beekeeping and nutrition. She loves experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes and products through both baking and cooking. Julia-Anna credits her daughter as her biggest motivation and focus in life.

Where do her passions lie?
Julia-Anna’s passions lie in educating others on how to best take care of themselves. She enjoys being an enabler by helping people find the information they need to best succeed. She is passionate about all things wellness, and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.

What does she enjoy writing about/reading about? (product wise)
Julia-Anna enjoys learning more about supplements, baby products, natural beauty care, useful tools and new technology she can use to improve her home. As a mother, she prioritizes the overall health of her child and home by ensuring she is aware of all products entering her space.

How did she get involved with product reviewing?
Julia-Anna started writing reviews to help educate and assist people in choosing the right product for them. She loves the transparency and ability to show what a product can really do.

How important is authenticity and honesty in her product reviews?
In Julia-Anna’s reviews, honesty is super important. She believes in full transparency between producer and consumer, and has no issue speaking her truth and experience about any product. Julia-Anna is always reading reviews herself, and relies on others upholding her same standard of honesty.

What kind of medium does she prefer to use for her reviews?
Julia-Anna’s creative versatility is best seen through her ability to create all kinds of different product reviews. She goes for a holistic approach, by incorporating video demonstrations, photos and detailed writeups. She often includes her child in her demonstrations, as well! Apart from Peopletail, she is active on Instagram with the handle @Bee.Holistic.

Which brands has Julia-Anna enjoyed working with/would want to work with in the future?
Julia-Anna has loved working with Soultree, Samuraw, Ecoideas, Garden of Life and Shoosha to name a few. She hopes to work with companies like Chosen Foods, Sisu, natural/organic brands and ayurveda brands.