Kelsey Hoey

About Kelsey: Kelsey is a stay-at-home mom with a rich background in esthetics and hairdressing. She is a micro-influencer and content creator in the wellness world. Kelsey loves to keep up with the finer things in life, while maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and ensuring her family does, as well.

Where do her passions lie?
After making the switch to natural and more holistic products, Kelsey found a new passion in writing about health, beauty, skincare and supplements. Kelsey’s core is in helping others make the same transition to live a healthier lifestyle.

What does she enjoy writing about/reading about? (product wise)
Kelsey finds joy in learning more about any natural product that may compliment her lifestyle. Her interests lie most in the natural beauty and skincare industry.

How important is authenticity and honesty in branding and product reviews?
Before making any purchase, Kelsey will read the listed reviews to see if the product will be a good fit for her and her needs. Therefore, authenticity and honesty are very important. She says, “Not every product a person uses will have a 100% positive rating. There will be pros and cons to a lot of product, and it’s essential to list them all.” Kelsey strives to ensure that all of her product reviews and Peopletail posts are fully honest.

What kind of medium does she prefer to use for her reviews?
Kelsey finds a lot of joy in being creative with her photos and reviews. Her photography aesthetic is very unique and has rendered a lot of positive feedback from both consumers and brands. This skill has helped her retain and gain a social media following. She loves the gratification when a company reposts her photo! Apart from her Peopletail profile, Kelsey also shares her reviews on Instagram, at the handle @kelx44.

How did she get involved with Peopletail and product reviewing?
Kelsey started writing on Peopletail because she wanted to share her authentic and honest thoughts on products. Kelsey has been a content creator for a few years now and has partnered up with various companies. She has substantial insight and knowledge in the health and wellness world and knew Peopletail would be a perfect forum to share her thoughts. She also loves to try new products that first hit the market, which a lot of products on Peopletail are from newer, up and coming brands!

Which brands has Kelsey enjoyed working with/would want to work with in the future?
Kelsey is currently a brand ambassador for Belif Skincare. She has enjoyed working with Vichy, Vasanti, Aveda, Niu Body and Schmidt Naturals. In the future, she would love to work with Glo Skin Beauty, Eminence, Juice Beauty, Herbivore, Genuine Health and Sisu.