Ming Tse CTO and Co-Founder of Peopletail

The Genius Behind the Computer

Ming Tse, CTO and Co-founder of Peopletail, is the genius behind the computer. Ming went to school for computer engineering, at University of Toronto in Canada. Now, a majority of his job consists of computer programming. Since the early 2000s, our society has seen a dramatic increase in use of the internet and social media applications in the business world. With that, came a new popularity, and need, for computer programming personnel. Websites and custom apps have paved the way for many businesses looking to expand their reach. Ming brings the programming and technological skills necessary to make this company successful.

Ming and his partner Raji have been working together for the past 10 years. Raji being on the business-focused side of the company, and Ming being on the technology side, this duo is unstoppable. Based on how the retail industry was changing, Ming and Raji came up with the idea for Peopletail. As Ming explains, “People are no longer buying products because the brand is telling them to, it’s become more about real people sharing their experiences with how they are using the product, and others learning from those experiences.”

Ming recalls one day when Raji was watching a Facebook livestream video on his phone. The video was a woman cooking and talking about the products she was using. Millions of people were watching from all over the world. They both noticed how powerful this video was and realized that this was going to be the future of the retail industry. Real people reviewing products and sharing their personal experiences with others. Everyone is a shopper and it’s often very difficult and frustrating to find certain information about a product. Even today, it’s common to use other platforms such as Facebook or Youtube to look for genuine product reviews. This is where Peopletail comes in. It’s a single place where a customer can find those specific product attributes and reviews based on a real personal experience.

With the growth of Peopletail as a business, there has been a lot of personal growth as well. Ming believes his greatest strength is his persistence moving forward, and gaining insight on how to solve certain problems. He believes these attributes are valuable and greatly contribute to this personal success within his position. As for the future of Peopletail, Ming wants to enable people to contribute to the platform, build their own personal brand, and encourage the interaction between brands, retailers, and customers. “It’s really about expanding people’s personal brand and sharing content for others,” he states. As Peopletail grows and engages with bigger, more recognizable brands, they want to enable that interaction between their customers and the retailers. “We want to pull all these parties together and enable them to interact in a meaningful way.” Ming wants to create more opportunity for everyone involved.

As a programmer, Ming believes there is a certain degree of knowledge and work habits that may separate him from others. He also greatly values the diversity within the Peopletail team, and that everyone brings different skills to the table. Each individual’s uniqueness is valuable for the overall success of the company. Ming hopes to see Peopletail grow into a worldwide platform where everyone involved can benefit from its use.