Tarra Clark, Community Leader, Peopletail

The Holistic Detective

Tarra Clark is a woman of many talents. She had started her career in advertising at Young & Rubicam in Toronto, Canada. Tarra had been working there for almost ten years until she left on maternity leave. As her children grew older, Tarra went back to school in 2016 at the age of 42, and did a complete 180! She became a Holistic Nutritionist. This was something completely off the beaten path from her previous advertising career. Tarra says that “she’s always been really into nutrition and helping people become their healthiest.” While on maternity leave, Tarra was working part-time with weight loss clinics, and trying to help others better their lives in any way she could.

This interest in holistic nutrition had developed in her late twenties, when Tarra met a nutritionist that changed her life. “I wanted to help people like she had helped me,” Tarra explains. From then on, Tarra made a promise to herself that once her kids were old enough, she would work from home and embark on a career that incorporated this passion. In 2018, she graduated from school as a holistic nutritionist, and started her journey doing product reviews with Peopletail.

Today, the “Holistic Detective” is still making product review videos to help others, and is working in a nutrition marketing capacity for Peopletail. Tarra is able to bring her vast knowledge of holistic nutrition to the business realm and incorporate her passion into her work, while also making a difference in the lives of others. A majority of the things that are reviewed on Peopletail, are health-related products. Because of her management account background in advertising, coupled with her holistic nutrition knowledge, Tarra is the complete package for communicating and relating with those certain brands.

As far as working at Peopletail, perhaps the aspect that attracted Tarra the most, was her issue with false advertising. She really loves being able to try a product, and tell the truth about it. Tarra wants to be able to clear up the misconceptions surrounding supplements, or other products, for people who may not know much about them. Because she is a real person, not a paid influencer, Tarra brings a true sense of honesty and transparency to her video reviews.

Within her position, Tarra exceeds dramatically by being able to listen and help others, through her empathy and knowledge of holistic nutrition. She always does her best to address someone’s issues and help to remedy them. Tarra says she is excited for the future, in which she envisions Peopletail becoming the number one platform, where consumers can visit a central location to do honest research on a product before purchasing. Everything from a bottle of vitamin C, to a flat screen TV, to a vacation spot in the Caribbean. Tarra sees Peopletail as the go-to place for it all. Going forward, Tarra would like to continue to grow her relationship with others within the product review community. By connecting with the brands and consumers, she envisions herself creating great content for both.

There are not many people who move from a corporate position, to becoming a holistic nutritionist, like Tarra has done. Through all of her professional experiences, having kids, and going back to school, she truly is able to offer others a variety of valuable knowledge and expertise that is reflected within her work. Her primary goal on a day-to-day basis: make a difference in someone’s life. This reflects Tarra’s genuine, passionate work ethic, ultimately contributing to the team that makes Peopletail such a stand-out company.

As a nutritionist, Tarra started working with her friend Jenna, making product review videos, calling themselves…. “The Holistic Detectives.” With her knowledge of all things nutrition-related, and Jennas knowledge of everything eco-friendly, together they made videos in order to help people make better life choices, in a more realistic way. Tarra wanted to bring a more genuine, relatable, honest contribution to the holistic nutrition world, and help others take steps toward a more healthy lifestyle. “I’m not a stick thin woman who eats salads every day, I’m a mom who enjoys chips and chocolate from time to time.” Tarra explains how she wants to embody a more realistic role model for others trying to obtain a more healthy lifestyle.