Tashekia White

About Tashekia: ​Tashekia is a Change Management Specialist with a bubbly, lighthearted personality. Her profession aids in helping businesses undergo change. Tashekia holds a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and a Prosci Change Management Certificate. She finds joy in trying new things in the health and wellness field, while also doing her own personal extensive research. She is an explorer, a thorough investigator with a heart to help others!

Where do her passions lie?With a dense background in psychology, Tashekia’s passions lie in helping people transform themselves. She enjoys the gratification and feedback from others after knowing she took part in their personal growth.

What does she enjoy writing about/reading about? (product wise)
Tashekia is most drawn to learning about skincare and food items. She is interested in the science behind everything she puts on and into her body. With newly acquired knowledge, Tashekia is leaning more towards learning about more natural, non-toxic products, and how they can better impact our bodies and the environment.

How important is authenticity and honesty in her product reviews?
Tashekia stands firmly on her beliefs and principles. Anything she puts her name to, she believes is something she should standby wholeheartedly. Honesty and integrity are two vital components in her reviews. Before posting a review, Tashekia will always do her research on the product and company to ensure her audience receives the most insightful and authentic review.

How did you get involved with product reviewing?
After a personal health incident, Tashekia browsed through the internet and stumbled upon Peopletail, where she learned she could receive free products to test out. She is naturally someone who likes to try new things, and coupled with her research-oriented mind, product reviewing became a natural fit for Tashekia!

What kind of medium does she prefer to use for her reviews?
Usually, Tashekia prefers posting photos with comprehensive reviews. Her thoroughness comes out best in her writing. Right now, she is in the process of stepping out of her comfort zone by making videos. You can find Tashekia on Youtube with the handle @samplequeen or Instagram @thislovelysample.​ ​Her most detailed reviews can be found on her Peopletail profile.

Which brands has Tashekia enjoyed working with/would want to work with in the future?
Tashekia enjoys working with brands that focus on natural ingredients but is open to working with others,too. So far she has enjoyed working with Lala Skincare, Paradise Essentials, Neora, etc. In the future, she would love to work with more skincare and hair companies. She is especially looking forward to working with companies that provide hair products for people of color with naturally curly or kinky hair.