Video Tips – Confidence

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our video series aimed at helping you produce awesome videos for Peopletail!

One of the most important skills to learn (and trust me its learned) is how to film with confidence.  Even when you are filming alone, the camera can be very intimidating and that can trip you up.  If you try the following steps, you may find it a little easier to make a video with ease.

Key Points in the video:

1.  Find the camera lens
2.  Be comfortable (hair and clothes)
3.  Film in short Clips
4.  Stop caring about opinions
5.  Don’t read while filming
6.  Have fun

Deep Thoughts By Tarra:

The most attractive feature, is confidence. Seriously, the most sellable thing about a video is your personality. Own it. Are you serious person? Are you goof-ball? Don’t try to be someone you aren’t, this isn’t acting.  Brands will hire all kinds of people for different products!

I remember in the beginning doing a video with Jenna about “smudging”. It appeared I was topless, but I wasn’t. I was legit “acting” like I was some kind of spiritual guru and the idea was to be funny about a serious topic.  Well, it was funny and we laughed for hours and had the best time doing this video…..

Once edited, it took me 3 days to post it because I was SOOOO scared what people would think. Sure enough I posted it and someone I’ve known for a long time commented like “what the hell are you doing Tarra”….. defeated I went to Jenna convinced this video had to come down.  Luckily for me Jenna was more free-spirited and told me to relax, and that the comment of 1 person doesn’t shape who I am.

Overall, the response from this video was huge – people loved it and begged for more and we educated them on a great practise! It was a success.

So you see, if you are confident enough to know that your intentions are good, you don’t even need to read the comments.  You are enough. You are doing good work. Be confident.