Video Tips – Filming

Hey everyone, Tarra here!

In this video series, as promised, I wanted to offer some helpful suggestions that Jenna and I discovered throughout the past 3 years of filming for our YouTube series The Holistic Detectives.  This is by no means to say you aren’t doing it right, but now that there are income opportunities with Peopletail, we want to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Key Points In This Video:

1.  Angles
2. Messy Background
3. Tripods / homemade stands
4. Dress The Part
5. Distance From The Camera
6. B-Shots

Links: Here are some links. Truly, just search and you will find something that matches your budget.  Stay away from anything that comes from China unless you are willing to wait MONTHS!!

Ring Light Amazon –

Right Light Best Buy –