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Insomnia is a common sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. It can be short-term or long-term depending on some very specific underlying conditions like stress, medical conditions, hormones, and even age. 

Apart from just causing daytime exhaustion and moodiness, insomnia may cause other health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, and impaired motor skills. 

Curatea Insomnia Blend can help with all those issues! Experts say, creating a nighttime ritual or sticking to a routine is a very important step in overcoming insomnia. This could include, turning off electronics, meditating, listening to calming music, and enjoying a cup of tea that is specially formulated to help you sleep, like Curatea Insomnia. 


Curatea, Insomnia blend uses Lemon Balm. This herb is a powerful antioxidant, that uses dates back as far as the 14th century, widely used as a tonic for sleep and digestive upset. 

Lemon balm is also used in the treatment of high cholesterol, cold sores, heartburn, indigestion, and anxiety. All reasons that COULD be keeping you awake at night!

Unlike synthetic sleep-aids, Curatea Insomnia has so many other benefits. It’s calming and enjoyable, warming and tasty but also won’t upset your stomach, in fact, the exact opposite.

Client Testimonial 

Curatea for Helping You Sleep

What’s better at bedtime than a great cup of tea?

One of my top bedtime rituals for ensuring I get a good night’s sleep – so important for maintaining a healthy hormone balance – is to take the time to slowly enjoy a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea. Even better when it’s comprised of herbs that also help instill a sense of calm and relaxation before climbing into bed.

I like this blend’s subtle floral taste, with hibiscus and orange peel mingling with chamomile. One cup brewed for 5 minutes had me feeling ready to go to sleep within half an hour of finishing it, and led to a better night’s sleep as well. This one will make a reappearance in my nightcap roster for sure!

**Always be sure to read the ingredients and medicinal contraindications on herbal products to determine if they’re right for you before use.

Asleep at last…….(Curatea Insomnia tea)

I am just getting through the first year with my youngest son and he is not a good sleeper. So after a year of not sleeping my body has decided to create its own sleep issues….insomnia. There is a ton of options available, sleeping pills (I am not a pharma kind of girl unless it’s really necessary) or a natural way like melatonin but it always made me too groggy and not very alert if I need to wake up throughout the night or even in the morning. So the last few nights I’ve been sipping on this lovely insomnia tea. It makes me sleepy and I am easily able to fall asleep and if I have to get up with my little guy at night I am easily able to wake up and be alert and go right back to sleep when I am done. When I wake up in the morning there are no side effects and that is really important because I have two kids to keep up with.

I really am enjoying the line of teas from Greeniche Natural Health.

Sleeping problems? Cuddle up with Curatea’s Insomnia tea!

We all have bedtime rituals right? Brush your teeth, take out contacts, read a little and the list goes on. Until you realize you aren’t falling asleep and the sheep are counting you rather than the other way around. Now unlike most people, I sleep pretty well. I’m the first one to pass out on my couch by the time the movie starts. My partner Matt on the other hand? Not so much. For those heavily suffering from sleep issues due to stress, give it a go and see how you feel! One hour before bed seemed to work like a charm for a poor sleeper and for those of us who sleep well? It made a great tea to lie in with. Give it a shot! I love that it comes in a tin as it will definitely keep the tea fresh but I would love to see this tea as loose leaf tea, not in a teabag. 

I would highly recommend this tea to anyone that was looking for a great way to relax.

Why You Should Get The Insomnia Curatea Blend.

Curatea is developed using 100% herbal ingredients, researched, developed, and manufactured in Canada & approved by Health Canada.

Packed with 30 bags in a very stylish tin container, which helps keep the tea super fresh and allows for easy stackable storage. After all, tea is the full experience so appearance is just part of the package.

After a long, and exhausting day, it will be a relief to know that your cup of Curatea Insomnia will help you unwind and fall asleep tonight.

Visit our website today and offer yourself a great, sweet, and relaxing cup of tea.