Curatea – Relaxation Blend

RELAXATION CURATEA BLEND: Ease stress and reduce restlessness

Are you someone who can’t “shut down”? Do you have trouble relaxing?

This is a more common problem than we care to admit sometimes.  

The dictionary defines the word relaxation as ” the state of being free from tension and anxiety.” and “the action of making a rule or restriction less strict.” Do you reach this state daily? 

If not, you should strongly consider Curatea Relaxation Blend.

Image for just a moment, the time you put aside for yourself. Self-care is not just a trending word in the social media world, it’s required for optimum physical and mental health! Chronic stress can lead to many ailments so taking time to rest with a warm cup of tea can do wonders to alleviate that stress, anxiety, and worry.  

Tea is calming and has been used for centuries medicinally, therapeutically, and traditionally. It signifies unity, warmth, and compassion. 

The herbal blend in Curatea Relaxation can help to achieve calm.

What is in The relaxation curatea blend

California Poppy  California poppy is used for trouble sleeping, aches, nervous agitation among others. It is also used to promote relaxation.

Research suggests California poppy, could be useful in treating mild-to-moderate anxiety disorders.

European Linden

For centuries, the dried leaves from the Linden tree have been used in tonics due to their sedative properties. 

It promotes relaxation and may relieve symptoms of anxiety. The antioxidant properties in this flower can help reduce inflammation which can relieve minor pains. 

German Chamomile

Chamomile is probably the most popular herbal ingredient for relaxation and calming teas and tinctures. Adding a sweet floral scent and taste, a hot cup of chamomile tea is world-renowned.

Client Testimonial 

Curatea for Helping You Sleep

What’s better at bedtime than a great cup of tea?

One of my top bedtime rituals for ensuring I get a good night’s sleep – so important for maintaining a healthy hormone balance – is to take the time to slowly enjoy a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea. Even better when it’s comprised of herbs that also help instill a sense of calm and relaxation before climbing into bed.

Curatea Relaxation blend is made with California poppy, linden flower, and chamomile – a trifecta of calming herbs that promote relaxation and help signal our neurotransmitters for calming and reducing anxiety before we nod off.

Tea Break!

This “Cool Mom” ( 😂😂) has been feeling a tad anxious the last few days. I have been busy and my to-do list is always so long! I try not to let myself feel overwhelmed but sometimes it’s tricky! Today I decided to take a moment and enjoy this cup of tea by @greenichenaturalhealth They have several varieties available but I am enjoying their Relaxation. It’s a lovely blend of natural, herbs that gently, yet effectively, ease you into relaxation. It’s good to ease stress and restlessness too. It is made with California Poppy (Eschscholzia California): California poppy is an insomnia treatment used to promote relaxation with its sedative effect. It also has European Linden (Tilia x Europaea): Linden tea is known to promote relaxation, relieve symptoms of anxiety and create sedation that encourages sleep. It is also a strong antioxidant that may help reduce inflammation and ease mild pain. And of course, it also has German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla). German chamomile is a herb used therapeutically for hundreds of years to help calm people down, relieve stomach issues, help with inflammation, and treat skin conditions. The combination is delightful. Thank you @peopletail for the chance to try this amazing natural health product! I look forward to trying the other ones!

After a long stressful day or week, this relaxation tea is just what’s needed. It contains Linden which is a mild sedative that is great for things like anxiety and nervousness. California Poppy is also amazing for stress relief and Chamomile is also great for relaxation. 

I love that it comes in a tin as it will keep the tea fresh but I would love to see this tea as loose leaf tea, not in a teabag. 

I would highly recommend this tea to anyone that was looking for a great way to relax. 

The first few sips are soothing and calming

This was my first time trying this tea with California poppy and chamomile! Luckily I’m having it before bed because the sleepies are setting in. The taste is pretty mild which I like, some chamomile teas are too strong for me. 

As someone who works in anxiety and stress management, I think this is one I would recommend to clients 🙂


Curatea picked the perfect herbs to blend for relaxation. This tea tastes great and if you aren’t a fan of herbal teas this is the perfect tea as it’s not too strong.