Curatea – Varicose Veins

VARICOSE VEIN CURATEA BLEND: Vitamin and antioxidant-rich

Do you have varicose veins? Do you suffer from symptoms associated with varicose veins?

Varicose veins are caused by damaged vein walls. This may happen for several reasons including pregnancy, being overweight, or standing on your feet for long periods. Anytime there is an unusual or sudden amount of pressure in your veins, they “back up” and a very blue vein shows, usually in the back of your leg. More commonly affecting women, varicose veins are not only painful but also make people very self-conscious.  

Symptoms such as restless leg syndrome, swelling, pain, and the sensation of heaviness, can impact your daily life. Those with a family history of varicose veins may be more susceptible but activity level (or lack thereof), and lifestyle play a big role.

The CuraTea Varicose Vein blend of clinically proven herbs works to alleviate symptoms caused by varicose veins. It contains vitamins and antioxidant-rich ingredients that help ease inflammation and other properties to lower blood pressure. 

How do herbs work for varicose veins?

High in vitamin c, Silver birch has been used for centuries because its leaves contain flavonoids, antioxidants (vitamin c) which help to strengthen blood vessels and support the immune system. Silver Birch leaves are the main ingredient in Curatea Varicose Vein Blend!

Antioxidants such are vitamin c help fight free radicals in the body and detox the system of toxins. 

Birch leaves have also been used to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and support a healthy immune system.  

While there is no cure for varicose veins, making changes to your lifestyle like, being more active, managing your weight, not sitting or standing for long periods and helping to strengthen your vein walls with Curatea Varicose Vein blend is a great start!

Client Testimonial 

Varicose Veins? Curatea Varicose Veins to the rescue!

Curatea Varicose Veins tea bags are very easy to use. Just steep them for 5-10 minutes in 150 ml of water and sip, sip away that inflammation and restlessness that varicose veins cause. I love the taste of this tea, so for me, I have no problem drinking it. I do add a bit of stevia to it as I like a bit of sweetness, but you can’t taste the witch hazel in it at all. I love that it is all herbal-based and easy for me to stash a few bags in a bag and I can take it to work with me too. 

I can taste the hibiscus and love how it turns to a nice reddish color in my cup. I’ve had varicose veins for years and they are unsightly and nasty little things that do take away from having what I call “happy legs”. I stand on my feet for hours at my job sometimes and I can feel that awful heaviness that you get from varicose veins, not to mention the swelling so I am so grateful that Curatea makes this herbal tea formula for people like me to help end the suffering. 

My grandmother and my mother both developed varicose veins during pregnancy. When I became pregnant with my first child I was very concerned for my legs. What I learned was, that varicose veins can happen anywhere, in your stomach or even in your throat. I started to develop veins in my ankle area with my second much heavier pregnancy. I like Curatea Varicose Vein blend because, though you can not make them go away without surgery, I feel that drinking this tea will help prevent them from becoming more pronounced as I get older. I know this tea has lots of great vitamins to help my immune system and unlike other herbal teas, this one tastes good and doesn’t make me gag. So it’s a win-win for me.