The Electronic Acupuncture Pen – Elevate Yourself by Alleviating your Body Pain

Acupuncture is a traditional form of medicine that involves fine needles placed at specific points on the human body.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine based on the idea that human beings have inner energy called Qi. Qi, or as it is pronounced chee, is the flow of inner energy that sustains human beings. It is believed that Qi is essential to optimal health and must be present in balance, while an imbalance of Qi results in illness and disease.Acupuncture uses fine needles to restore and balance the flow of Qi; thereby, curing human illness. Qi travels throughout the body through specific pathways called meridians.

Today, acupuncture involves thin needles placed in the skin around affected areas, and the needle is stimulated either by gentle maneuvering, heat, or a low-intensity electric current. This stimulation of the needle generates the flow of Qi and helps alleviate acute and chronic body pain. Acupuncture can help manage various other problems such as neurological, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, and mood and addiction disorders.
Some research has shown that acupuncture does more than alleviate chronic pain. It has been shown to modulate different chemicals such as serotonin, norepinephrine and neurons that secrete g-amino-butyric acid. This stimulation of chemicals and specific neurons can be useful in treating depression, anxiety, and addiction.

In the United States and Canada, acupuncture treatment can be found quite easily and is often done by a non-physician, licensed acupuncturists. However, acupuncture treatments can be quite costly as treatments range from $50-$120 per hour. It is suggested that for optimal pain relief, a minimum of 6-12 treatment sessions should be booked.
As people are often busy and caught up with life and with the high costs and time requirements, acupuncture treatments are not a viable option for the average person. People need an easy, quick, and efficient method to relieve pain.
That is why the Electronic Acupuncture Pen was created.

Our Electronic Acupuncture Pen comes with five unique heads and nine adjustable intensity levels. It is made of high-quality material that promotes pain relief, relaxation, improves skin conditions, and improves blood circulation


The electroacupuncture pen uses a non-invasive method to stimulate and release endorphins, which is the brain’s natural pain killer. It has no needles and is easy to use. You simply press the pen into the affected area, and a light electric pulse is released to stimulate throughout the meridian and help restore your body’s Qi.

Its portable, lightweight and can be used at your own convenience. It has all the benefits of traditional acupuncture. Most importantly, our Electric Acupuncture Pen allows you to unlock your body’s full potential by restoring your Qi and relieving you of acute and chronic pain at an affordable price.