Herb storage box – the fresh way to store and transport your vegetables!

Food insecurity is a real problem that many countries are facing. Nearly 40% of the total food grown in the United States ends up in waste. To make matters worse, 52% of the United States’ total produce output is wasted. The nation’s nutritious fruits and vegetables are wasted during the production, management and outsourcing of these goods. Of this 52% of wasted produce, approximately 30% is wasted due to product imperfections such as damage, cosmetic imperfections, or lack of freshness. To put things into perspective, one-third or 1.6 billion tonnes of produce is wasted per year.
Produce waste also results in wastage of essential resources such as water, fertilizer, land, and monetary loss. If 5 percent of the total United States broccoli production has imperfections, over 90 million pounds of broccoli are wasted. This also results in over 1.6 billion gallons of water and 450,000 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer wasted, and a monetary loss of 12 million US dollars. There are also added costs of wasted energy, pesticides, land, and resources, and added anthropogenic activities, a significant driver of climate change.

So, what can you do to help? You can do your part by using the Herb Storage Box. The herb storage box allows you to keep your fresh produce fresh. It is a simple, small, and portable unit that you can carry around. Plus, you can add some of your favourite produce to any meal you cook, regardless of where you are.

The herb storage box is easy to use and maintains freshness no matter where you go. Many herbs become stale and do not retain its taste once it loses its freshness. Parsley, chives, and cilantro may seem like small additions to a meal, but it is essential to any dish as it adds much-needed flavour.




All you need to do is fill fresh water every three to five days, and the herb storage box will do the rest. The herb storage box hydrates your produce and helps it retain its optimal moisture level while ensuring oxygen stays out. With its innovative design, you can carry around your produce in style. It makes a perfect gift and leaves you feeling good, knowing that you help reduce food wastage.

The herb storage box is an innovative new product created to reduce food wastage and help make positive change. Food wastage and food insecurity is a real problem, and we need to promote green alternatives, and the herb storage box is a small, but positive step forward in tackling this global problem. After all, progress needs to start somewhere, so let it begin with you!