Blogging 101

Hi and welcome, today we are talking about the benefits of blogging for your business.

How to find the blog section in Shopify

Step #1 – Click Online store

Step #2 – Click Blog

Step #3 – Add Blog Post

Blogs & Articles

If you have spent any time on social media, you have undoubtedly come across a post on Facebook that you have clicked to read more. It most likely teased you by starting a topic or showing a snippet of a story or information that may interest you. In some parts of advertising, they call this click-bate – meaning, hooking you into clicking by only giving you a little information at a time.

This link brings you to their webpage, either to a product page but most likely to their blog. It sounds devious but in the health industry, it’s extremely valuable to the reader but also to the business. This gives the brand/business the opportunity to educate the reader and gives the reader valuable information which just happens to include hyperlinks to products that may be included in the story.

Marketing 101 on the internet, never give your reader an opportunity to leave your page! Why? there are several reasons

  1.  Once they leave, they most often don’t come back. This means you might have lost the sale!
  2. The longer they spend on your page, the higher indexed that page goes meaning, google tracks the time spent and pushes that page higher on the list when people are searching for any of the keys words in your blog (we will get to that in a moment)
  3. The attention span of someone online is short. If they are made to click outside your page it’s annoying and they will remember that your shop requires effort. Make it easy for them!


Adding hyperlinks means, making your blog shoppable but linking products you talk about straight back to YOUR store for them to purchase.  We cover this briefly in a video on How To Hyper-Link in Shopify.  CLICK HERE to watch that lesson.

Keywords & Tags

Back to keywords. If for example, you are writing a blog about sleep. The purpose of your blog is to help educate people on the reasons why they may not be sleeping, give them some advice and sell them a product. If that person finds your page, it’s because they were ‘googling’ keys words or tags for the problem they are needing a solution for.  

As you see here, there is a place for you to add tags. They should have the most to do with the main topic. For example. I would use words like insomnia, sleep, can’t sleep, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and so on. 


In this section, Shopify will automatically add an exert but you can change this to be more attention-grabbing. This is the portion people will see when you share the link, or they find you on google. This is your time to really hook them!! A good idea when blog writing is to include social proof. like Reviews!!! You don’t have to include the entire review, just add an exert for example “I can’t believe after 5 short weeks I am now sleeping 8 hours a day after 20 years of struggling” – Deborah G Ontario

You can hyperlink to the review (your webpage’s review engine) just in case they want to see the entire review,  this adds a ton of credibility to your post and it would make a great teaser to get people to click on the story.

Publishing your blog

Once you have written your blog, you add the main photo here. You can also add several photos to your blog piece. I would recommend this as it helps to break up the text but also shows your reader what the product looks like.  When finished, you simply click PUBLISH. Scroll to your front page and you will now see your blog! (if you have not added the blog link to the top of your page or on your page, please refer to the first blogging lesson) CLICK HERE.

From your front page, copy the link of your blog and add it to a post on Facebook! It’s as simple as that!

You can blog as often as you have time. There are also services available where you can hire blog writers. The cost is usually $50-$75 per blog depending on their education and experience, but for some small businesses that don’t have time, this is a great option.