How to change the featured products on your homepage

In this course, we will teach you how to change the products displayed in the Featured Products section.  We will also explain how to use this section for marketing and advertising purposes.

When you received your Storefront, there was already a pre-selected Featured Products section on your front page that looks similar to the above photo.  This is the first glimpse customers have at products you offer when first logging onto your storefront.
You should use this section to display products you want to talk about, or that you are advertising on social media, newsletters, or blogs.

Ideas for this section include:

  1. Seasonal Products
    – It’s Autumn or Spring, what are products that are relevant for right now?  Allergies? Cold and Flu? Back to school?
  2. You have advertised your Storefront on Facebook and Instagram with a link to your front page. Make it look AMAZING and display a wide array of beautiful products.  Change it often if you are changing advertising, giving people something new to look at is exciting.
  3. If not utilizing any of the above ideas, change up your Featured Products at least monthly.  Failure to do so makes your page look stale as if no one is paying attention to it.
  4. Change the title.  Instead of Featured Products, you can change it to What’s Hot In July or Back To School Must-Haves

How to change this page


Step 1
Log into the back end of your Shopify Store.  One way is by typing in your



Step 2
Click Products on the left side






Step 3
Click Collections






Step 4
Scroll down until you find the title Featured Products, click on it





Step 5
Changing your Featured Products – Watch this video

Step 6
Changing the title  – Watch this video