How to change the about you section on your front page

It’s no secret that your shopping experience will determine whether you return to that store or not.   If the salesperson/owner was terrible, chances are you will never shop there again. The opposite is true if they were personable with you, paid attention, and showed how much they truly cared.  Those are in-store experiences but the same holds true with e-commerce and that’s why the ABOUT US section of your Storefront is such an important tool for selling.

  1.  Who are you?
    – A faceless story is just another big-box retailer. People want to see YOU…don’t be shy, take a really great picture of yourself and put it on the front page of your store.  A personal connection goes a long way.
  2.  Why do you own a store?
    – Are you a practitioner? Is this your full-time job or a hobby?  Does this store have meaning for you?  Sharing your story creates a connection.   I’ll use my sample store as an example: We don’t all have these kinds of stories, but my brother and I were going to do this together,  alas he’s gone. This is a sad story, but I used my truth. I was vulnerable and I shared my story.  This makes people feel closer to you. Builds trust.
  3. Target your community
    – These days especially, people want to support local businesses.  Talk about your life a little, ” Been living in Toronto for 45 years” thank your customers and visitors for supporting your small business.  You only have one chance to make a first impression! Connect with your audience, become your store’s spokesperson! Take the link to your ABOUT US page and put it on social media, tag your city name, your province, #supportlocabusiness #womanownedbusiness #smallbusiness you can google tons of hashtags for small business.
  4. Other Services and Employees
    – Does your store offer services.  This is a good chance to talk about the other services you offer and perhaps even the other employees who work with you.  This is especially important for people who normally come into your store, but perhaps they need to order online this time. When they see familiar faces, it adds a level of comfort.  Remember, this is about health, and people need to trust who they are coming to, it’s very personal.
  5. How to change ABOUT US
    – Please watch the video below.  First, sign in to the back end of your store

    6. How to add to the TOP MENU
    – Please watch the video below.