Welcome to your new Storefront!


Congratulations on your new Storefront..

We understand how exciting of an opportunity this is, but also what a huge step it is to own a store! Our mission within this course is to help you succeed by giving you the tools you need in every corner, such as marketing and advertising, how-to lessons for the backend of Shopify and other great tips that have come from owners before you.

Here is a list of the courses so far:

  1. Social Media Marketing & Advertising
    – The importance of being present on platforms like Facebook and Instagram + how to use hashtags
    – Frequency of postings
    – How / Why to BOOST ads
    – Being Personal
  2. Blogging
    – How to write a blog in Shopify
    – How to hyper-link products in your blog to your own store
    – The importance of education
  3. Newsletters
    – How to start a newsletter in Shopify
    – How / where to collect email addresses
    – What you should write about
    – How often to write
  4. About You
    – You aren’t just selling locally, your store can sell all over North America, tell them why they should buy from you!
    – Photos
    – Stories
  5. Featured Products on the front page
    – How to change the products
    – Why would you change them / how often
    – Seasonal themes
  6. Niche
    – Do you specialize in a category? Keto? Weight loss? Hormones?
    – How to tag these posts
    – Ideas to find your audience
  7. Be Accessible
    – Chat plug ins
    – Answer your DM’s
    – Respond to comments
    – Shopify In-Box (free)
  8. Contesting / Giveaways
    – How to start a contest
    – How to get products for giveaways
  9. How To Utilize Peopletail Sampling Campaigns
    – Post reviews – link to your store
    – Contact local companies and run campaigns
    – Add local products to your Storefront

If you have any questions, please write tarra@peopletail.com