CANVA.COM How to create banners and ads

There are so many amazing tools these days to help you become your own little ad agency.  Of course, we realize you may not have time to spend creating banners and ads, but we wanted to show you in case you do.   ( Peopletail has affordable resources should you need banners created) has been around for a few years but only in the past 2 years when a lot of businesses went online, has it really blossomed. It is free technically but if you want custom sizes and access to all the amazing stock, you will need to purchase the PRO License which costs approximately $170 a year. Here is what’s included with a PRO License:

  • Custom sizes
  • 1000’s of free stock images
  • Stock videos
  • Standard sizes for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Tutorials on how to use Canva
  • Tools to take backgrounds off images (making them a png file)
  • Templates for newsletters, flyer’s, professional presentations and so much more



Watch this quick little video example on how to make a banner using CANVA.COM   If this seems to overwhelming, please contact Tarra, and she will guide you to resources available to help you with banner creations.