How to change the banners on your webpage

The banners on the front page of your storefront are a great marketing tool!  Switching them up regularly helps keep your page fresh and it gives you an opportunity to introduce new brands and products.  It is also something you can get the brands involved in.  Perhaps sell them the banner space for a fee.

In this tutorial, we have already made the banner in CANVA.COM. You can purchase a PRO License and create your own banners or contact us at as we have resources available to you (we know how busy you are)

Please follow these steps and you can watch the full video at the end:

Go into the back end of your Shopify and on the left-hand side, click ONLINE STORE











Over on the right-side click CUSTOMIZE










These are all the banners that automatically come with your Storefront.

Click on the banner you wish to swap-out.

You can only ever have 6 banners running at once.







  1.  Change – this is a pull down that will allow you to find the new banner on your computer.  Click here and upload the new banner.  You will have to click SELECT at the bottom to choose.

At the bottom you must also change the button link.  Do this by opening another window (this is shown in the video at the end) copy the link and enter here.  This will point the SHOP NOW button to the exact location on your webpage to purchase the product.VID

Don’t forget to hit SAVE in the top right corner













Here is a quick video over-view on how to change the baners on the front page.