Alexandra Wachelka

Alexandra is a new mom with an extensive background in the natural health industry. With her bachelor’s degree in nutrition, she has managed at the retail level, worked as a distributor sales representative and an education brand manager.

Jennifer Morse

Jennifer is a fitness enthusiast with a strong devotion to promoting a holistic, healthy lifestyle. She is a professional dancer; zumba, yoga and fitness instructor, and a coordinator at her local gym!

Seanna Miller

Seanna — aka the Nutritionnaire — is a high-energy, active mom and an experienced holistic nutritional consultant! She serves as an educator, encourager and lifestyle enthusiast to all within her reach.

Darcee Dorrans

Darcee is a high-energy, active mom who centers her life around peace and positivity. She is a lover of yoga, meditation and adheres to a vegan, holistic lifestyle.

Judith Duguid

Judith Duguid is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) who advocates for holistic and intentional living. She is also a Registered Social Worker (MSW). She believes these fields of practice work together to provide a solid road map to living our best lives.

Raji Kalra, Co-Founder and CEO of Peopletail

Raji Kalra, Co-founder and CEO of Peopletail, an innovative online product review platform, is a driven individual with a vision to change the retail/consumer industry as we know it.

Video Tips – Filming

Tarra offers some great filming tips to help you on your journey of becoming a Peopletail VJ!